Erasumus’ Handbook of the Militant Christian



By Theodore Shoebat

Erasmus’ Handbook of the Militant Christian is quite the read. This short, pithy and entertaining book is filled with quick wit and profound epigrams and words of wisdom that will keep the mind ceaselessly thirsty for more, and Erasmus’ agreeable and pleasant countenance makes it all the more enjoyable.

In this book, Erasmus, with a perfect harmony of simplicity and elegance, gives a well constructed guide on how the Christian can combat his inner sins, thus leading to an internal purification of the soul. Every warrior who wars against evil, must first purify his own soul before executing his attack against those are under the control of wicked and dark spirit, and this is the book that will help you in this spiritual journey toward becoming a fighter of Christ’s army.

As St. Paul criticized the Jews for following the Law without the Spirit, Erasmus chides the current Christians of his day (both laity and clergy) for observing Christian traditions without caring to fully comprehend them and carrying them out into actions, since all faith must be exemplified through works as St. James tells us.

For example, Erasmus writes one rule in his guidebook:

It is always a great source of embarrassment to me to realize that the great majority of those who bear the name Christian act for the most part as if they were dumb beasts.

Reading Ersasmus will lead you into relating with him in his struggles against sin and the cultural decay of his time; although I seriously doubt that his era contained in their fullest extent the heresy and moral aberration that we have in our own time.

One line of Erasmus that really impressed my mind was his warning against those who absorb worldly popularity, and his praise of those who are scoffed at for righteousness’ sake. In his sixth rule he states:

Let us also examine that which the world calls glory, ignominy, and shame. You are praised. Why, and by whom? If on account of wickedness by wicked folk, this indeed is false glory and ignominy. You are abused, mocked. For what reason, and by whom? If on account of piety and innocence, by evil folk, this is not ignominy, for there is no truer glory.

The most beautiful aspect of Erasmus’ book is his emphasis on the concept, that suffering brings purity of soul, and one closer to God.

Do I recommend this book? Yes. I use John P. Dolan’s translation, and it is excellent. It covers much ground on the spiritual side of Christian militancy, and while one must comprehend this concept, one must also understand the physical side of militancy. This is why its important you get my new DVD series on Christian militancy, which contains almost 5 hours footage on our Faith’s war against the forces of darkness.



Muslims Kill And Attack Over 451,000 Christians, In A Very Short Time

By Theodore Shoebat

In an interview with Xinhua, Gregory III Laham, Patriarch of the Church of Antioch and all East, said that the violence in Syria has displaced 450,000 Christian Syrians and has butchered more than a thousand of these blessed saints.

Everyone, these are the signs of a greater holocaust, the greatest in human history, as Keith Davies calls it.

This is why the time to act is now. It is all up to you, and your will power. You are in the position to now save a life. Donate now and save Christian lives.

Syria’s armed rebels just recently fired numerous mortar shells on a church in Syria’s Southern province of Daraa, slaughtering 12 people and injuring a great many others.

The Church, attacked by Muslims

The Church, attacked by Muslims


Rupert Murdoch: “Christians should pray for millions of fellow believers being persecuted”

By Theodore Shoebat

Rupert Murdoch left an important message to Christians on his Twitter account:

Christians should pray for millions of fellow believers being persecuted in the Middle East

The reason why the message is important, is because, on account of its wide coverage, it will remind countless Christians to remember their fellow persecuted brethren.

With this in our reminds, we must also know that there is more we can do for them than just pray. Here is a perfect opportunity for you to give what you can with the concrete knowledge that you are actually saving a life.

Donate now and save Christian lives.


Muslims Force People Into Furnaces, Throw Children Off Windows

By Theodore Shoebat

A horrific massacre of unfathomable cruelty and grisly violence has just taken place by fundamentalist Muslims in the Syrian village of Adra in which innocent people were butchered and children thrown down windows. One survivor recounted:

What is happening in Adra is unthinkable … Children are being slaughtered and thrown out of the windows. But no one is doing anything. The crisis in Syria continues in an environment where there is no international law, including those relating to the paramilitary operations.

Nizar Skif, chairman of the Union of Lawyers in Syria, spoke of reports of “sadism,” and of people being “thrown into the furnaces” and “houses burned with people inside.”

Russia’s Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, while being disturbed by the violence executed in Adra, slammed Western powers for attempting to make ties with the Islamic Front, the jihadist group who committed these crimes:

The Islamic Front has proclaimed quite radical goals, although our western partners have been trying to establish ties with them and describe the front as an “acceptable power”, which possesses influence “on the ground,” …However, there’s some evidence which we consider reliable and which shows that when the front was being created, a possibility of Al-Nusra joining in was discussed. That did not happen only to save the front’s reputation, as Al-Nusra has been on terrorist organizations’ lists in the US and Europe.”

American mediators of the Geneva-2 peace talks on Syria, scheduled for January 22, have actually been holding meetings with the front’s representatives.

Muslims are butchering people, and America is not only indifferent, but is trying to forge alliances with them. How are we as a nation to help the persecuted Christians? We cannot rely on our government, thats for sure, but we, as free individuals, can do something now. Here is a chance where you, the reader, can save the lives of your fellow Christians. Donate now and save Christian lives.

One person said he escaped Adra “under a storm of bullets”, and he described how the murderers came to establish sharia courts and kill government employees:

They had lists of government employees on them … This means they had planned for it beforehand and knew who works in the governmental agencies. They went to the addresses they had on their list, forced the people out and subjected them to the so-called “Sharia trials.” I think that’s what they call it. They sentenced them to death by beheading.

A woman who also escaped the sadistic ambuscade “” target=”_blank”>recalled how she witnessed the decapitations of youths as old as twenty:

There was slaughter everywhere The eldest was only 20 years old; he was slaughtered. They were all children. I saw them with my own eyes. They killed fourteen people with a machete. I don’t know if these people were Alawites. I don’t know why they were slaughtered. They grabbed them by their heads and slaughtered them like sheep.

The jihadists entered a bakery and slaughtered everybody inside, as Kinda Shimat, Syria’s Social Affairs Minister, recounted:

Civilians told us that the workers of an Adra bakery were all executed and burned during the first hours of the attack. Whole families were massacred. We do not have an exact estimation of the number because we are unable to get into the town, but the number is high

They went into the police station and killed all of the civilians, and then butchered everyone in a hospital, as one witness said:

They killed everyone at the Adra Ummalia police station … And they killed everyone at the Adra Ummalia hospital where my sister works. She stayed alive only because she didn’t show up for work that day. There are about 200 people at the police station. They are civilians. The militants are hiding among them, using them as a shield to prevent the Army from bombing the police.

This is what the Muslims want to do the Christians in America and the rest of the Western world. This is why we, as Christians, must combat tyranny and evil, and become militant. Get our new 2-disk DVD set which has almost 5 hours on the subject of Christian militancy and fighting.

Here are some photos taken of the violence:




Also, here is a video in which you will see what brutalities these monsters did:


Muslims Have People “hacked to death, burned alive, or shot”, Christians Take Revenge

By Theodore Shoebat

Numerous murders by Muslims have been taking place in Nigeria, specifically in Plateau and Kaduna states. According to one report, victims “were hacked to death, burned alive, or shot simply based on their ethnic or religious identity”.

These Christians are being killed every day, but there is something you can do about it, right now. DONATE TODAY AND SAVE CHRISTIAN LIVES.

Daniel Bekele, Africa director at Human Rights Watch, said:

Witnesses came forward to tell their stories, compiled lists of the dead and identified the attackers, but in most cases nothing was done … The authorities may have forgotten these killings, but communities haven’t. In the absence of justice, residents have resorted to violence to avenge their losses.

This is only a step to the coming crusade that will inexorably take place. This is why you need to get our new 2 disk DVD set, BUY A COPY FOR THIS CHRISTMAS.

Also, don’t forget about the Christians who will not be able to celebrate Christmas this year because instead of rejoicing, they will be trying to survive in the midst of Islamic persecution. DONATE NOW TO SAVE CHRISTIAN LIVES.

Vigilante group against Boko Haram

Vigilante group against Boko Haram

In Defense of Christian Holy War

By Theodore Shoebat

A violent and reckless horde of Muslims are marching toward your neighborhood. When they arrive they will massacre your people, and ruthlessly torture you, very slowly. They will make you watch your wife being raped, and then force her to watch you die, and there is a chance that they will make her drink your blood after your terrifying death. What are you going to do?

This is the question that multitudes of Christians are faced with everyday. Here is a video of an account of an attack that took place just days ago, in which Muslims killed Christians in a school, watch and see the suffering of these saints:

This is why militia groups have been rising in those parts of the world where the lives of the saints are sought out by the ruthless and sneaky foxes we call Muslims, who connivingly seek out the defenseless.

There is a beautiful story, in which a force of Syrian Christian fighters in the Jdeideh area of Aleppo drove out the Muslims who were there to attack their churches. One Christian said of the victory:

The FSA were hiding in Farhat Square in Jdeideh. The Church committees stormed in and cleansed the area.

How reminiscent is this story, of Christ, armed with a whip, cleansing the Temple of the thieves! and now the saints, armed with their weapons, purge their land of these robbers of men’s souls!

Sadly there are Christians in America, conditioned by comfort, who denounce such glorious feats. These are those who follow the gospel of uselessness, and would probably stand up courageously against anyone who would criticize some celebrity idol pastor like Tim LaHaye, while condemning these poor Christians for fighting back.

Enough of this empty, lifeless, and scandalized Christianity, this heresy that is determined by fashion and convenience! Let us see what truly Christianity is about, and how Holy War is greatly a part of this holy Faith.

John the Baptist told the soldiers who approached him, “Do violence to no man, neither accuse any falsely; and be content with your wages.” (Luke 3:14) Tell me, if he was opposing military service, why then would he tell them to “be content with your wages”? This can only mean that it was permissible for them to remain as soldiers.

And by “violence,” John is referring to injustices, and thus in a Christian war, the cause must be just, and never for the sake of killing or tyranny. It must be a war in which the saints are fighting against evil men, bent on persecuting and slaughtering the Church in the advancement of an evil ideology.

As St. Maximus of Turin, commenting on these words of John the Baptist, writes:

For it is not a sin to be in military service, but it is a sin to soldier for the sake of plunder (1)

When a young man informed St. Paul that Jewish bandits were determined to kill him, did he say, “I will stay put and let them kill me, since we do not fight against flesh and blood”? No, he had the story reported to the chief captain, who in turn had organized 470 Roman warriors to protect Paul:

And he called unto him two centurions, saying, Make ready two hundred soldiers to go to Caesarea, and horsemen threescore and ten, and spearmen two hundred, at the third hour of the night; 24 And provide them beasts, that they may set Paul on, and bring him safe unto Felix the governor. (Acts 23:23-25)

If any one of the Jewish bandits arrived to try to kill Paul, the soldiers protecting him would have not hesitated in slaying the attacker. And Paul would not have had a problem with this.

If St. Paul can use an army to protect himself against persecutors, the Church, then, is justified in using armies to protect itself against any pagan or heretical group which seeks the blood of the saints.

And how can one avoid the militancy of Christianity after reading St. Paul, when he praised the past and illustrious battles of God’s people:

And what shall I more say? for the time would fail me to tell of Gedeon, and of Barak, and of Samson, and of Jephthae; of David also, and Samuel, and of the prophets: Who through faith subdued kingdoms, wrought righteousness, obtained promises, stopped the mouths of lions. Quenched the violence of fire, escaped the edge of the sword, out of weakness were made strong, waxed valiant in fight, turned to flight the armies of the aliens. (Hebrews 11:32-34)

To subdue the kingdoms of the wicked heathens, wax “valiant in fight,” and turn “to flight the armies of the aliens”, or the persecuting invaders, is not a sin, but a ripe and righteous fruit.

One may argue that Jesus said that we must love and pray for our enemies, to this I pose the argument of St. Cyril, when he was discoursing on such matters against the Muslims:

Christ our God commands us to pray to God for all those who persecute us, and to do good to them, but He has also said to us: “Greater love hath no man than this: that a man lay down his life for his friends” [John 15:13]. And we therefore submit to the insults that our enemies cast at us individually, and pray to God for them, but as a group we defend one another and lay down our lives for one another, so that you [the Muslims] wouldn’t, by enslaving our brothers, take away their souls along with their bodies and kill them off completely.

You may say, that the Christians who were being persecuted by the pagan Romans never used any militant force, but this is not entirely accurate. When the Christians had no influence upon the government, they did not form any militias, but as soon as they converted the emperor Constantine, this was the starting point when Christians began directing wars. The first Christian war was as early as 312 AD, when Constantine, upholding the sign of the Holy Cross, defeated the pagan tyrant Maxentius.

That Christians, as early as the 4th century, were executing wars against pagans, shows in fact how militaristic the spirit of Christianity truly is.

The same can be said of ancient Israel. When the Hebrews were being persecuted under the Pharaoh, they did not declare any wars. But as soon as they had Moses as their leader, and they completely severed themselves from the Egyptian government, the people of God organized numerous wars against the pagans.

People may argue and say, “But the Bible says ‘Thou shalt not kill,’” and I will argue back and say that Moses slaughtered the worshippers of the golden calf after bringing down the Law which said, “Thou shalt not murder.”

And how can one say that Christianity is not militant, when we read in the Song of Judith, which is in the Septuagint, that “The Lord is a warrior who ends war.” (Judith 16:3) And this was sung after the valiant Judith took the head of the Assyrian general Holofernes.

Read the words of St. Bernard, when he praised and exhorted the valiant Crusaders who were fearlessly warring with the Muslims, and sense the militant spirit of his words:

The knight of Christ, I say, may strike with confidence and succumb more confidently. When he strikes, he does service to Christ, and to himself when he succumbs. Nor does he bear the sword in vain. He is God’s minister in the punishment of evil doers and the praise of well doers. Surely, if he kills an evil doer, he is not a man-killer, but, if I may put it, an evil-killer. Clearly he is reckoned the avenger of Christ against evildoers, and the defender of Christians. (2)

Christ drove out the thieves from His Father’s Temple with a whip, it is then not evil for Christians to drive out those who wish to steal innocent lives from this earth.

I dream of the day, when every true Christian will cry out, “Dues vult! Dues vult!” (God will it!) determined to pierce the clouds of diabolical darkness with the Light of Christ, in an eternal fray between Holy War and sacrilegious tyranny; between the Bride of Christ and the Whore of Babylon; between the citizens of Heaven and the slaves of the underworld.

Christus vincit!

I ask you, if you truly care of the lives of the saints, to DONATE AND SAVE CHRISTIAN LIVES



(1) St. Maximus of Turin, sermon 26.1, trans. Boniface Ramsey

(2) St. Bernard, In Praise of the New Knighthood, ch. 3, 4, trans. M. Conrad Greenia

Muslims Kill Men Over Haircut — But Why?

By Theodore Shoebat

Islam calls for the death of anyone who has a tonsure, or the standard hairstyle for a monk.

Monk with tonsure

Monk with tonsure

The case of Islam’s ‘rules of engagement’ is fancied by Muslim apologists as the example of restraint and equity in warfare which was revealed during the seventh century, when Abu Bakr, the successor to Muhammad, was about to conquer Syria, that he gave his troops a set of precepts to uphold, such as not to burn down trees, kill women and children, and other moral prohibitions to even sparing monks and hermits:

You will meet people who have set themselves apart in hermitages; leave them to accomplish the purpose for which they have done this. (1)

No one was to be killed, except for one, men with the dreaded hairstyle–the tonsure:

“You will meet people who have shaved the crowns of their heads, leaving a band of hair around it. Strike them with the sword.” (2)


Monk receiving tonsure

Monk receiving tonsure

Who would ever think that a hairstyle could reveal a mystery on the war between good evil?

Indeed, it was a hairstyle that was the mark for Muslims as to whom they should kill, a clue that was missed by so many scholars, orientalists, and even critics of Islam.

Why would the Muslims want to kill someone for having a tonsure while sparing others who don’t?

What symbolism can a hairstyle have that would provoke a religion to specifically punish anyone who exhibits it by death?
To find out, I had to dig deep into historical records to see how far the tonsure goes back in Christianity, and what meaning it had to the ancient Christians — indeed, it had to have had theological significance.

According to some traditions, the tonsure was observed by St. Paul when he shaved his head in Cenchrea:

“So Paul still remained a good while. Then he took leave of the brethren and sailed for Syria, and Priscilla and Aquila were with him. He had his hair cut off at Cenchrea, for he had taken a vow.” (Acts 18:18)

During my search, I came across one of the oldest documents ever written on the tonsure; it was a letter from the year 710 AD, written by an abbot named Ceolfrid, to Nechtan, the king of the Picts in England, in which he explained the tradition and significance of the tonsure:

But we are not shaven in the form of a crown solely because Peter was shorn in this way, but because Peter was shorn in this way in memory of our Lord’s Passion. Therefore we who desire to be saved by Christ’s Passion like Peter wear this sign of the Passion on the crown of the head, which is the highest part of the body. … Similarly, those who have taken monastic vows or are in Holy Orders should bind themselves to stricter self-discipline for our Lord’s sake, and wear their heads tonsured in the form of the crown of thorns which Christ wore on His head in His Passion, so that He might bear the thorns and briars of our sins and thus bear them away from us. In this way their own appearance will be a reminder to them to be willing and ready to suffer ridicule and disgrace for His sake, and a sign that they are always hoping to receive ‘the crown of everlasting life which the Lord hath promised to those that love Him’, and in order to win this crown regard both adversity and prosperity as of equal insignificance. (3)


So, the tonsure represented the crown of thorns placed on Christ’s head, and this would have been, to the Muslim spirit, a thing worthy of death since Islam teaches that Christ did not suffer.

probably about 1470-5
But, in my quest to solve the mystery of why tonsures was the only exception, I found no one who commented on Islam’s command to destroy them, since it was embedded into a myriad of other commands on restraint, tolerance to even sparing the trees. In fact, most even avoided it. Muslim sympathizer, Fred M. Donner, renders this verse with a more watered down translation that when Muslim warriors “meet a people who have shaven the middle of their heads” to simply “tap them lightly with the sword”. (4)


Fred M. Donner

 But in reality, Abu Bakr was differentiating between two different types of orders: the Catholic, and the heretical, the former were to be killed, and the latter spared. The trait which determined which ones were to be beheaded was the specific tonsure shaped as a crown, since they were indeed distinctly Catholic. Priests and monks that were spared were the ones who denied Christ’s divinity, His humanity, and His Crucifixion: Manichaeans, Nestorians, and Arians. These were spared because they had a direct link with Islam, and all four of these cults were specifically focused on the destruction of the Catholic Church.

While Manichaeanism has a great many blasphemous tenets, it is in agreement with Islam in that both deny the crucifixion, the suffering of Christ, the Holy Trinity, and both hated the tonsure.



In fact, there is a story of a Manicahean, or Cathar (another name these heretics adopted, which means “puritan”) murdering a man for having a tonsure. In the Middle Ages, when Manichaenism became the dominant religion in Southern France, a whole mob of Cathars attacked a Catholic commune in Montgey, and one of the heretics, named Roger-Bernard, approached a priest who was taking refuge in a church and asked him who he was. “I am a crusader and a priest”, he said. “Prove to me that you are a priest.” He removed his clerical hood from his head and showed his tonsure. Roger-Bernard, like a devil before a cross, plunged his knife into the priest’s head and killed him. (5)

Raymond VI, Cathar leader, and killer of Christians

Raymond VI, Cathar leader, and killer of Christians

This violent rage is seen in that spirit of Islam, in the same indignation which Abu Bakr harbored against those of the Catholic tonsure. There was a gruesome murder which took place in 16th century Spain, in which a band of Muslims seized twenty Catholic friars and cooked them alive in oil, (6) and of course these martyrs had their tonsures, by which their killers would have been wroth.

Even today, we have examples of Muslims killing men because they are Catholic monks, such as the murder of the Franciscan priest Francois Murad, which can be seen by clicking here.


Cathar art

Cathar art

In fact, in history we have numerous occasions in which Manichaeans and Muslims allied together to kill Christians. Just to give one example, the Muslim leader Walid had St. Peter of Damascus’ tongue cut off because he publicly denounced the heresy of Manichaeism and Islam. (7)

Manichaeanism’s connection with Islam is found in the Quran, when it states:

Verily! Those who believe and those who are Jews and Christians, and Sabians, whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day and do righteous good deeds shall have their reward with their Lord, on them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve. (Surah 2:62)





While the Christians here mentioned are of course the heretical ones, or the ones who reject the Trinity, the Sabians were a gnostic sect called the Mandaeans, (8) which intermixed Christianity with Zoroastrianism, or the religion of the prophet Zoroaster which dominated ancient Persia.

Mandaeanism affirmed the belief in duality, or that there were two co-eternal powers, one of light and the other of darkness, continually struggling with another.

Modern day Mandaean

Modern day Mandaean

Manichaeanism’s founder, Mani, intermixed his heresy with this gnostic sect, since his mother was a Mandaean. But, this does no explain the full origins of Manichaeanism; for like Islam, this heresy had an Arabian founder; an Arab named Scythianus, and Mani was simply his disciple. Scythianus the Arab lived so far back, that he was in the time of the Apostles, and founded the gnostic cult which believed that God and the devil were both deities and were both co-eternal, and amongst other blasphemies, that Christ did not come in the flesh.
What few are aware of, in a most amazing correlation, is that when St. John wrote that “every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist,”  (I John 4:3) and that “many deceivers are entered into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an antichrist”, (2 John 1:7) he was speaking against an Arabian heresy, since Scythianus was living in his time.

It is no wonder that Arabia is the Harlot of Babylon.




Both the Muslim and the Manichaean ardently believe that Christ did not suffer on the Cross, and this is connected with Abu Bakr’s declaration against the tonsure of the Catholic monks:

You will find people who have shut themselves up in cells. Leave them alone; it is for the sake of God they have shut themselves in. You will also find others, whom Satan has branded on the tops of their heads. Cut their heads off, wherever you find them.  (9)


Abu Bakr

Abu Bakr

Abu Bakr described the Catholic tonsure as satanic, and this is because it represented the crown of thorns placed on Christ’s head, and Muslims are utterly wrathful of this because they believe that Jesus did no suffer, but ascended to heaven.

The vitriol which Islam has for Catholic monks can be seen right in the Koran wherein Muhammad generalizes them as thieves who rob from the people:

O you who have believed, indeed many of the scholars and the monks devour the wealth of people unjustly and avert [them] from the way of Allah . And those who hoard gold and silver and spend it not in the way of Allah – give them tidings of a painful punishment.

Muhammad had a well-known saying, “There is no monkery in Islåm”.

Enmity for monasticism is also innate within Islamic theology in which it is deemed as a man made invention, and not of Allah’s will:

And We placed in the hearts of those who followed him compassion and mercy and monasticism, which they innovated; We did not prescribe it for them except [that they did so] seeking the approval of Allah . But they did not observe it with due observance. So We gave the ones who believed among them their reward, but many of them are defiantly disobedient. (Surah 57:27)


Now, the other heresies which have a direct link with Islam, Nestorianism and Arianism, will be made established, showing as to why Islam demands the heretics to be spared, but the monks with Catholic tonsures to be killed without mercy.


Nestorius, influencer of Muhammad

Nestorianism (founded by Nestorius) is essentially the rejection that God, the Word, became flesh, a sentiment which Islam as well upholds:

Say, “He is Allah , [who is] One, Allah , the Eternal Refuge. He neither begets nor is born, Nor is there to Him any equivalent.” (Surah 112:1-4)

Jacobus de Voragine

Jacobus de Voragine

There is most definitely a Nestorian influence to this heretical belief; the 13th century medieval scholar Jacobus de Voragine, made this very correlation through siting history:

Elsewhere, however, we read that it was a monk named Sergius who instructed Magumeth [Muhammad]. Sergius had fallen into the Nestorian heresy and been expelled by the monks, whereupon he went to Arabia and joined company with Magumeth. (11)

From this we have another explanation as to why the Muslims thirsted for the blood of Catholic monks; they were the ones who drove out the heretic Sergius, and the monks of the Nestorian ilk would become the ones favored by the Muslims.

Arius, influencer of Muhammad

Arius, influencer of Muhammad

Islam’s link with Arianism (founded by Arius), which is the denial of Christ’s divinity, was affirmed by one of the oldest non-Muslims writers on Islam, St. John of Damascus, when he, in the 8th century, wrote:

This man [Muhammad], after having chanced upon the Old and New Testaments and likewise, it seems, having conversed with an Arian monk, devised his own heresy. (12)

Again, we have an account of Muhammad being influenced by a heretical monk in order to form a religion to kill orthodox monks.

St. John of Damascus

St. John of Damascus

When Islam first arose, it came specifically for the purpose of destroying the Catholic Church, and uniting all of the Christian heresies under its sway.

As I have said in a prior article, Vatican as Harlot of Babylon: Debunked, Islam was before the East-West Schism, and before the Protestant Reformation, and therefore when Islamic scriptures command for the death of Christians, it is specifically targeting Catholics.

The Catholic Church today may not be declaring on Islam, but it needs to, because Islam, from Muhammad till now, is declaring war on the Catholic Church.

Theodore Shoebat is the author of the book, For God or For Tyranny

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Christian Village Massacred In Syria

From Barnabas Aid:

A Christian village in Syria was savagely attacked and almost 40 of its residents, including women and children, killed by opposition fighters, as UN investigators warned of increasing radicalisation among the rebels.

The village of Dweir on the outskirts of Homs, near the border with Lebanon, was invaded on 27 May.

One of our Syrian partners told us that two of his relatives in Dweir were severely tortured by the rebels, who broke some of their bones and started to burn their bodies before shooting them in the head.

The villagers who managed to escape the onslaught fled to Raman district, where Barnabas Aid is providing them with aid.

Following the massacre, the Syrian army entered the village and heavy clashes with the rebel fighters ensued.

The following day, independent United Nations investigators warned that the opposition to President Bashar al-Assad is becoming increasingly radicalised and that the civil war is producing ever worse atrocities.

Paulo Pinheiro, who leads a team of 24 experts that have been documenting crimes committed during the conflict, said:

It was said the rebels were angels, but there is only a minority of fighters with a democratic history who believe in the Syrian mosaic and want a state for all. The majority of rebels are very far from having democratic thoughts and have other aspirations.

Barnabas Aid has been warning for some time about the Islamist agenda of an increasingly dominant section of the opposition.

In April, the Iraqi wing of al-Qaeda confirmed that it has links with the al-Nusra Front, which has become a leading rebel band, while al-Nusra’s leader pledged allegiance to al-Qaeda frontman Ayman al-Zawahiri.

Despite these alarming developments, Western powers have been increasing their support for the opposition. They have been providing non-lethal aid for some time, but are now moving towards supplying arms to the rebels.

Britain and France pushed the EU to lift its arms embargo with UK Foreign Secretary William Hague insisting that there would be “safeguards” to ensure that weapons “would only be supplied to the Syrian National Coalition for the protection of civilians”.

Last month, the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee approved a measure that, if backed by the House, would lead to the arming of the Syrian opposition with heavy weapons.

Senator John McCain has been one of the leading voices calling for the US to arm the rebels. He said on Friday (31 May), following a visit to the war-ravaged country, that he was “confident that they could get the weapons into the right hands”.

While not commenting on the position of Western governments, Mr Pinherio of the UN suggested that the matter was not so straightforward:

There is a very complicated distinction between the bad and the good rebels.

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Posted by Theodore Shoebat

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Syrian Rebels Now Have Chemical Weapons

By Theodore and Walid Shoebat

We have heard repeatedly from politicians and pundits alike that Assad may very well be using his chemical weapons against the rebels. A number of days ago John Baird, Canada’s foreign minister, expressed his fear that Assad will be using chemical weapons on his own people.

Well, as I have said numerous times, its the Syrian rebels who we need to worry about and not Assad. The rebels have seized chemical weapons, and they are willing to use them on innocent people. According to Russia Today, Syrian rebels have obtained chemical weapons from Libya and are planning on using them on civilians, and then blaming it on Assad. This is an effort between the Syrian rebels and their allies in Turkey, alongside cooperation with Libyan rebels under Abdel Hakim bel Haj.

The Al-Rih al-Sarsar Chemical Brigade in Syria, according to The Campaign to Return to Emergency Law:

carries out science experiments on animals by poisoning them, using toxic gases, and says the allies of the Syrian government will be poisoned just like the animals

Here is a video released by the brigade showing the chemical powders they are planing in using to kill civilians who support Assad:

Video of chemicals

Notice, the company name for these materials is Tekkim, a chemical factory in Turkey. The Syrian media reports that the Turks are involved in giving these materials to Syria.

How are the rebels testing these chemicals? On rabbits. Where is the outcries of PETA on this animal cruelty.

Video of Syrian rebels testing chemicals on rabbits

This is the answer that these terrorists are have, regards to how they will use these chemicals:

By Allah it did not take 1 minute of breathing, and you will see Allah willing, what will the chemical and biological weapons do to you.

Watch rebel speech

They are planning on using the weapons on civilians after the Assad regime falls.

There is also another video which we have found of long range missiles in the hands of the rebels which they stole after taking over the Al-Hajar al-Aswad Air Force base.

So we can talk about our fears of Assad using chemical weapons, but what we can be sure of, and what we cannot ignore, is that if Assad goes down (and I believe he will) the rebels will use chemical weaponry on civilians.

Walid and Theodore Shoebat are the authors of the book, For God or For Tyranny